Introduction :

    • Adept Consultants & Engineers is a Professional Consulting Engineer Firm operating since 1989, having offices at Mumbai and Baroda. Operations are mainly concentrated in, but not limited to, Western India.
    • The firm provides consulting engineer services in the field of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) and Plant Utility systems (Steam, Air, cooling water, chilled water, brine, gases etc.).
    • The clients of the firm are Industrialists, Planners, Property Developers, Architects, Prime Consultants.

Mission :

    • To provide the client most professional advice which fulfills his requirements perfectly and get him the best value for his money spent.
    • To continuously upgrade knowledge and skills to remain on the top in the field.
    • To protect the commercial interests of the client by thorough inspection and honest reporting of facts.
    • To earn profits through services provided with honesty and integrity.

Policies to ensure Good Results :

    • High level of interaction at concept stage so that maximum clarity in thinking is reached right at the beginning. Reduce need for revisions half-way through execution.
    • Through detailing in drawings and specifications. Minimize surprises and shocks to architects, structural engineers and planners half-way through the project.
    • Select vendors and contractors based on hard core experience and thorough evaluation. Avoid getting stuck with incompatible/ incompetent agencies.
    • Inspection at appropriate stages for equipment and work. Get chance to correct before major damage is done.
    • Detailed testing and validation to ensure trouble free operation over long periods after commissioning.
    • Address to Client’s concerns by understanding his priorities.